Automate the most complex protocols in days not weeks

Spaero’s software boosts the capacity of your R&D team, making it easy to translate, validate, and run protocols on liquid handlers already in your lab

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Today’s tooling can’t automate complex protocols fast enough, slowing down experimental cycle times and thus the capacity and speed of R&D teams.

Spaero unblocks the rate limiter of your lab.

Handle Complex Protocols

Many teams need automation to scale but deal with long lead times and rigid protocols that slow down progress.

Spaero rapidly automates complex protocols so you can validate and run in days not weeks.

  • R&D teams can build, validate, and run methods in days - not weeks
  • Automation engineers can focus on the highest impact and most difficult problems

Spaero can translate a Magnetic Bead Purification protocol in under 10 minutes → 

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Cut Time to Automate

Others find automation so time-consuming their only option is to do things by hand - even though it's tedious and error prone

Spaero makes protocol design fast and flexible.

  • Faster data generation speeds pace of R&D
  • Data seamlessly supports work downstream

Spaero can translate a Normalization protocol so it is ready to run in under 5 minutes → 

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Benefits of Spaero

Translate design to automation in minutes

Write complex protocols in minutes, getting you from initial design to robot output 50x faster

Reclaim your team’s time for higher-value work

Free your teams from tedious, manual lab work, allowing them to focus on high-impact tasks like data analysis


Design, run, and monitor protocols on your liquid handler fleet from anywhere

Work across
any robot

Create protocols once in Spaero and run across a variety of liquid handling robots, including the Hamilton STAR.

Customer Success with Spaero


Shortening Protocol Design Time from 6 Hours to 10 Minutes

The Company: AI drug discovery company specializing in AI-scaled DNA libraries for small molecule synthesis

Before Spaero: Dedicated 6 hours per week building protocols with OEM liquid handling software, which required 100s of lines of code

After Spaero: They now design the same protocols in just 10 minutes - achieving a 50x faster development time.

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Learn how Spaero bridges the gap between science and automation