Lab Automation as Flexible as Your Science

Spaero's software puts scientists back in the driver's seat – empowering them with full control to define, run, and fine-tune experiments on their lab's liquid handlers

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Get experiments up and
running quickly

Accelerate time from design to results with Spaero's easy-to-use software for defining, executing, and monitoring experiments

Give scientists full control
of their work

Empower scientists to iterate on and fine-tune experiments directly within Spaero — even as needs and inputs change

Scale science across
robotic platforms

Seamlessly run protocols across the various robotic platforms in your lab, all from the Spaero interface

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Every lab I've worked in would benefit greatly from using Spaero.
Principal Scientist

Transform Liquid Handlers with Spaero

Today’s liquid handlers can’t keep up with the highly-specialized and iterative nature of modern R&D. Spaero transforms liquid handlers from rigid tools into flexible solutions for evolving science and growing labs.

Liquid Handlers Alone

Liquid Handlers + Spaero

Rely on automation experts to customize or hard-code these instruments to fit complex protocols and science
With Spaero’s intuitive interface and smart defaults, anyone can design, fine-tune, and execute runs
Require lengthy re-programming every time a protocol is tweaked
Spaero’s compiler does the difficult work of translating protocols into programs that fit a lab’s parameters
Struggle to execute experiments efficiently when inputs like labware, instructions, or liquids constantly change
Spaero’s built-in solvers automatically manage interdependencies between inputs to optimize each run
Require special programming for each individual instrument according to the robot's specific nuances, design, and limitations
With Spaero, protocols can be used across any liquid handler, future-proofing your automation fleet as labs grow and change

How Spaero Works

  • Quickly create your protocol with Spaero’s easy-to-use interface and smart defaults

  • Connect with any liquid handler, and let Spaero program the instrument for you. Spaero optimizes each run for your specific protocol.

  • Monitor your run’s progress as Spaero executes each step with precision. Quickly fine-tune or adjust protocols directly from the interface, and recover from any errors with Spaero’s runtime environment.

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