Lab Automation as Flexible as Your Science

Spaero provides scientists with a fool-proof way to scale automation using liquid handlers already in their lab. Teams can rapidly iterate on complex experiments with ease - ensuring accuracy as protocols and inputs change.

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10x Experimental Output—without 10x the Effort

Spaero lets teams quickly define protocols, then translates these instructions into programs that run on any liquid handler. As the experiment runs, Spaero monitors instruments in real time to maintain quality.

Run significantly more experiments on existing liquid handlers

Accelerate time from design to results with Spaero’s intuitive platform. As research evolves, quickly iterate on protocols without re-programing robots.

Scale robots across complex experiments and workflows

Set up Spaero once to fit a lab’s parameters, then run limitless protocols. Spaero translates protocols into robot-ready programs that run on existing liquid handlers.

Achieve experimental
precision and accuracy in real time

Maintain precision with protocols as Spaero monitors robots and continuously calibrates liquid dispensing. Spaero suggests the best liquid handlers and consumables for each run, increasing success while ensuring quality.

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Every lab I've worked in would benefit greatly from using Spaero.
Principal Scientist

Transform Liquid Handlers with Spaero

Today’s liquid handlers can’t keep up with the highly-specialized and iterative nature of modern R&D. Spaero fool-proofs lab automation, transforming liquid handlers from single-function tools into flexible solutions that support evolving science.

Liquid Handlers Alone

Liquid Handlers + Spaero

Rely on automation experts to customize or hard-code these instruments to fit complex protocols and science
With Spaero’s intuitive interface, anyone can design and execute experiments to run on liquid handlers
Require lengthy re-programming every time a protocol is tweaked
Spaero’s compiler does the difficult work of translating protocols into programs that fit a lab’s parameters
Struggle to execute experiments with precision and accuracy when inputs like lab ware, protocol instructions, or liquids constantly change
Spaero’s software manages interdependencies between inputs, and Spaero’s computer vision monitors runs to ensure precision and accuracy
Require special programming for each individual instrument according to the robot's specific nuances, design, and limitations
With Spaero's software, protocols are reusable across any liquid handler, turning robots from siloed machines into an interchangeable, modular, and connected fleet
Steadily lose precision as liquid dispensing gradually worsens over time
Spaero’s liquid QC continuously calibrates robots to keep instruments within acceptable tolerance limits

How Spaero Works

  • Quickly create your protocol with Spaero’s easy-to-use interface

  • Connect with any liquid handler, and let Spaero program the instrument for you. Spaero optimizes each run for your protocol, and calibrates liquid dispensing based on the specific fluid class.

  • Monitor your run’s progress as Spaero leverages computer vision and AI to execute each step with precision.

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